Feature films gives better scope to the character played by an artiste – Akshaya Hindalkar

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Akshaya Hindalkar Actress

Marathi Television has given scope to many new artistes. With four big channels presenting variety of Marathi serials, many newcomers are selected for suitable roles after auditions. But, not all of them take a big leap to find lead role in feature films. Akshaya Hindalkar made her presence felt through Marathi serial ‘Saraswati‘ on Colors channel. It did not matter much for her, though she was not playing the lead role. But, whenever she appeared on screen, she invited all the attention of home viewers, with her remarkable acting skills.

However, instead of remaining happy with her popularity among home viewers, Akshaya wanted to progress further, with her focus on big screen. Her wish was soon fulfilled, when she was selected for the lead role in forthcoming Marathi film ‘Rocky‘. And, this was certainly a big leap for a young artiste like her. Marathi Movie World spoke to Akshaya Hindalkar to know about her and her ambition. Excerpts from an interview:

Q: How did you get into acting filed?
A: I have not taken special training for acting, but since my childhood I am doing theatre. In children’s theatre, I have worked with my Guru Mr. Pednekar and have performed in his plays. When I thought of doing serials, I started giving auditions, so as to get the knowledge of facing camera. And, this helped me to find role in Colors Marathi’s serial ‘Saraswati‘. Later, I also directly gave audition for a Marathi film.

Q: Now that you are also selected to play lead role in forthcoming Marathi film ‘Rocky‘, how is the feeling ?
A: I am very happy. I had not expected that I would be selected for the lead role in this film. It was a big surprise for me. After hearing about my selection, I first asked my mother to get confirmation, whether I was really selected.

Q: Will you please tell us whether you enjoy working on television or in films?
A: Both these mediums offer different experience. In a TV serial, you keep performing the same character for years, while in films you get a chance to play variety of characters one film after the other. I feel that working in serial is a good source to earn money, but in films an artiste gets better scope for the character played. Frankly, I love to perform in films.

Q: What type of film is ‘Rocky‘ ?
A: It is a family drama with combination of love story and action. In short, it’s a package of full entertainment.

Q: What is your role in ‘Rocky‘ film?
A: I am playing the female lead role of Sanjana, who is in love with her hero but at the same time also loves her family.  Sandeep Salve is playing the hero opposite me in this film.

Q: Who are the other artistes in this film?
A: Besides myself and Sandeep, there is a big team renowned artistes like Ashok Shinde, Yatin Karyekar, Kranti Redkar, Ganesh Yadav, Vineet Sharma, Swapnil Rajshekhar, Deepti Bhagwat and Rahul Dev.

Q: Tell us something about the story line of this film.
A: As I have said earlier, this is a family film with a love story filled with action.  There is a twist in the climax. In short, this film is good entertainment package with a good story.

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