Working in Films is like exploring myself – Deepti Devi

Deepti Devi Actress

Deepti Devi Actress

Till last year, we knew her as popular television actress Deepti Shrikant, who found place in the hearts of many television serial lovers, in Marathi as well as Hindi. But, ever since she changed her name to Deepti Devi, it has turned out to be lucky for her, to find lead roles in films.

Now, Deepti Devi has  not only found a prominent lead role through this Marathi film ‘Conditions Apply’, but has also found a creative director like Girish Mohite to exploit her acting potential on big screen.  Met Deepti during the press meet arranged by the makers of this film, to introduce the artistes of this film, besides unveiling the first look of the film. Dressed in white designer wear, she looked gorgeous with her charming smile, which added radiance to her slim and fit looks.

Excerpts from an exclusive interview :

Q: Tell us something about your educational background.
A: I have done my M.Com. and also done specialization in graphic designing.

Q: How your specialization in Graphic designing is helping you in your acting career ?
A: Well, it helps me in my creative thinking even in this field.

Q:  We understand that  this is a big opportunity for you in this film. Can we call this role of Radio Jockey, a major breakthrough in your acting career?
A: I wouldn’t say so, as it will be like giving a full stop to other characters played by me so far. Instead, I would say that it was a big opportunity for me, as far as the big screen is concerned. I would like to call it a turning point, which is more challenging.

Q: So, you feel that Films are going to help you a lot in exploiting your potential?
A: I feel that our Marathi films are known for good content, offering more scope for the artistes. Their visuals are strong and highly creative. In short, working in Films, is like exploring myself .


Actress Deepti Shrikant (Deepti Devi)

Actress Deepti Shrikant (Deepti Devi)

Q: How did you prepare yourself to play the character of Radio Jockey Swara Haldankar, in this film?
A:  Actually, this type of role needs lot of energy and therefore it was more challenging to perform this character. Script was not given to me. The director wanted every reaction from me to come spontaneously.  So,  I used to hear RJ Shonali of Radio City, before preparing for this role; but, did not copy her.


Q: We understand that ‘Conditions Apply’ is also a love story of a young couple almost on the lines of the current trend set by few films released in the recent past. What do you think?
A: I feel that every writer or  director has to convey his subject in a different way. When you watch this film, you will notice the difference.

 Q: Do you yourself believe in ‘Live in relationship’ or ‘Proper Marriage’?
A: ‘Marriage’.

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