‘Aik-2′ will be a hard core horror film with a logic used in the story – Swapnil Jadhav

Actor Swapnil Jadhav

Actor Swapnil Jadhav

Swapnil Jadhav who made his debut as an actor through a horror film ‘Aik’, is now making the sequel  of this film ‘Aik 2′ , for which he has himself written the story. Unlike the previous film, which was directed by Pratik kadam, the sequel will be directed by Manoj Yerunkar. At present Swapnil has completed  50% shooting  of this film, which according to him, will meet all the requirements of horror film lovers. In Marathi, we have very few filmmakers, who sincerely work on meeting the expectations of such audience. Swapnil Jadhav is one of them.

When MarathiMovieWorld spoke to Swapnil about the improvisations he has made in this sequel, he said, “This sequel will be more gripping, as we have paid more attention on camera work. For any horror film, to create a better impact, camera work plays an important role. Some of our scenes in the film shot till now, have been captured with three or four cameras from different angles and they continue for 3 to 4 minutes at a stretch. I can assure that from the 10th minute of the film till the end, the film will hold the audience to their seats, with horror filled scenes, following one after the other.”

What we gathered from Swapnil was that he and his team have worked very hard on technical aspects of the film and hence the post production work will be a hard task. “The sequel will be a hard core horror  film, with a story, which has a logic. After all, you have to offer the audience the content, which would convince them.” he added.

In the previous film, along with Swapnil, there was Aditi Sarangdhar as his co star, with Prasad Oak and Chinmay Mandlekar playing supporting roles. But, in the sequel  being made under the banner of Matrubhoomi Productions, you will find Tanvi Hegde as his co star, with Sushant Shelar, Sunil Deo, Bhushan Ghadi and Sharayu Sonavane playing the supporting roles. It is expected that after completing this project in next 3 to 4 months, Swapnil will begin work on his new project ‘Bangkok’. By the way, Swapnil was more than happy that someone was taking note of his progress in Marathi Film industry.

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