Is Prarthana Behere emerging as the top actress of 2015 ?

Prarthana Behere, Actress, Picture

On her social networking site, she has disclosed her identity as ‘Coffee Aani Prarthana Behere’ so much has been the importance of this role,  to her.  Indeed, ‘Coffee Aani Barach Kahi’ did very good business and it also helped Prarthana Behere to establish herself, among the leading actresses of Marathi film industry.  Just two months ago, Prarthana had won the hearts of Marathi film lovers, with her remarkable  performance in ‘Mitwa’. In fact, ‘Mitwa’ brought her name and fame.

Only two years ago, Avadhoot Gupte had introduced Prarthana through his Marathi film ‘Jai Maharashtra Dhaba Bhatinda’, where Prarthana played a Punjabi girl, falling in love with a Maharashtrian boy  who runs a Dhaba in Bhatinda , serving Maharashtrian food. Last year, there was no film of hers and people thought that she had switched over to Hindi serials. But, with ‘Mitwa’ she brought a new flavor to Marathi films. According to Prarthana, she is not the same, as she was seen in ‘Mitwa’.  But then, how is she in real life? “I am little childish. But, thanks to director Swapna Waghmare, who knew that I would fit into the character of Avani.” she says.

Now, with her superior  performance in the super hit film ‘Coffee Aani Barach Kahi’, Prarthana has proved that she can be reckoned  among the top actresses of Marathi films, today. Luckily for her, the film was made by a big banner and also received support from Ravi Jadhav’s production company. Now, she has  two more films in hand, out of which, adventure filled ‘Biker’s Adda’ opposite Santosh Juvekar will be released soon. Recently, during the music release of this film, Politician Amar Singh and Bollywood actress Jayapradha, were all praise for Prarthana, after watching the first look of this film. Isn’t that a biggest compliment for Pratrthana ?

Last month, her another big banner film ‘Tujhya Vin Mar Javaan’ was launched in a big way. In this film  , Prarthana is playing a Punjabi girl, intensely in love with a Maharashtrian boy, played by Vikas Patil. The film is produced by the family members of late Bollywood film maker Pramod Chakravorty. And, that itself speaks a lot about this film. According to director of this film Murali Nallappa,  “I found Prarthana as a complete actress.  She was so perfect during her audition that we didn’t have a second thought, before making her selection.” And, the first look of this film, shown on the occasion said it all.

If ‘Tujhya Vin Mar Javaan’ gets released this year, Prarthana will have better chances of rising to popularity heights and winning awards for Best actress of 2015. She has already proved her ability through ‘Mitwa’ and ‘Coffee Aani Barach Kahi’, now,  she will be competing with herself  through her forthcoming performances.  Sky is the limit for this beautiful talented actress.

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