“I am alert all the time, 24×7″ – Kadambari Kadam

Kadambari also played the most important character of Janaki, in Zee TV’s popular Hindi kadambari kadamTV serial ‘Teen Bahuraniyan’, which brought her name and fame at the national level. Her role of Radhika in Marathi TV serial ‘Tujhvin Sakhya Re’ also invited attention. She has recently won Best actress MIFTA award for her performance in ongoing Marathi play ‘Tom Aani Jerry’. In this play, kadambari has stolen the show in the role of Deepa, representing a modern day career woman. In her forthcoming film ‘Ajinkya’, Kadambari plays the wife of Sandeep Kulkarni, who is shown a Bank employee and a basketball Coach. Kadambari’s role is of an executive of a corporate house. Marathi Movie world spoke to Kadambari Kadam to know more about her acting career and her views on atrocities on women.

Excerpts from an interview:

Q: We understand that you made your acting debut, while you were in Sathye College, Vile Parle. Is that true?
A: Actually, I first experienced stage , when I was only 3 years old, when I played one of the characters in a children’s play ‘Chimna Bagadto Baget’. But, it was in Sathye College, that I really understood, what acting was all about.

Q: Recently you visited Sathye College while promoting your forthcoming film ‘Ajinkya’. How was the response from the students towards you?
A: Most of the students were not aware that I was an ex- student of their college. It was only when I mentioned about it in my speech, there was a loud applause. I was overwhelmed with that response.

Q: Looking at the kind of roles you performed in your previous films; your role in ‘Aaghaat’ was more impressive. What’s your personal opinion.
A: Yes, my role in ‘Aaghaat’ was more challenging. Though I knew that I was playing a patient suffering from a kind of disorder, which needed a serious operation; Vikram sir, who was directing this film and was well aware of the symptoms of such patients, explained to me, how I should react at every situation. I did exactly what he and other doctors explained to me. I am glad that after every shot, he blessed me, in appreciation.

Q: Any comments on your role in forthcoming film ‘Ajinkya’?
A: Though I am playing an executive wife of a basketball coach, who is also into job; I liked the script and felt that I should be part of it.

Q: How do you look at the present change coming into Marathi film industry?
A: About 8 to 10 years ago, though few films like ‘Shwaas’ were made, not many films were based on sensible topics. But, during the past two years, I certainly notice that change for good.

Q: Even your latest Marathi play ‘Tom Aani Jerry’ has invited attention from Drama lovers. What do you have to say about it?
A: Yes, the play has a very good script; much relevant to the changing time.

Q: You were also part of Hindi Television, with ‘Teen Bahuraniyan’. How that role of Janaki came to you?
A: As per the prevailing practice, I had given audition for this role. I was lucky to get selected. Through this serial and the role I played, I realized the importance of being on National network. I had an opportunity to visit along with the team of Zee, for their international festival in New Jersey. When my name was announced, the audience cheered with my character name – Janaki. I was overwhelmed at that moment, as I was glad to know that I had reached those NRI’s, through this serial.

Q: How is Kadambari in real life?
A: I have learned to be myself first, after experiencing certain moments in my life.

Q: As an independent woman, how do you react to atrocities on women, which is the present burning issue in the nation ?
A: I am terribly upset. Women are not getting proper security from the police. It’s high time that every woman should be prepared to fight with self defence. “I am myself alert, all the time, 24×7.”

Q: Have you come across any such incidence?
A: Once, after returning home late night, I parked my car and was proceeding towards my building. A thief came , snatched my purse and ran away. I screamed for help. But, no one came to my rescue. Surprisingly, my watchman. was fast asleep. Don’t understand, what kind of duty they perform? Most of these night duty watchmen are old and are fast a sleep during midnight hours. Next day morning, when I went to Shivaji park Police station; instead of helping me to register my complaint, they wanted to know, where exactly the incident took place. According to them, one side of the road, was under the jurisdiction of Shivaji park and the other side belonged to Mahim Police station jurisdiction. I spent four hours in the Police station, just to lodge my complaint. If this was the experience of a celebrity; what must be the condition of common people?

Q: So, you feel, women are not safe during late hours?
A: Why only late night hours, even during daytime they are not safe. Few years ago, I was traveling in a ladies compartment of a local train. One man entered the compartment. I objected to his presence and asked him to get down. He ignored me. There were about 20 other ladies in the compartment; but, they were just spectators. I tried to call police on Railway helpline number displayed in the train. But, there was no response. Now, tell me, what is the security provided to the women ? It’s high time that women should unite together to fight such incidences.

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