Kunal Limaye – An actor with tremendous potential

Kunal Limaye, Actor

‘Better to be low profile in this world and work hard to a find the right opportunity’, seems to be the policy of young talented actor kunal Limaye. He is a full time actor for the past few years, having totally devoted himself to this profession. Since his childhood, Kunal has been associated with acting, having performed and even presented plays during Ganpati festival in this colony.

Kunal Limaye, ActorReceiving the guidance and motivation from his father Pramod Limaye, a former theatre enthusiast, kunal joined professional theatre with Mohan Wagh’s ‘Chandrakekha’ group and performed many plays for five years including ‘Garudjhep’ where he played Shivaji Maharaj in the company of versatile actor late Prabhakar Panshikar, who had made his comeback to theatre after many years.

After the sad demise of Mohan Wagh, in the recent past, kunal received a big jolt to his acting career, as it was Mr. Wagh, who knew very well, his potential as an actor. Some of the other plays Kunal has performed in are ‘Kenvhatari Pahate’, ‘Goshta Janmantarichi’, Chiranjeev Aais’,’Ghar Anna Despandencha’ and ‘Chehra Mohara’. Kunal has also performed in Video drama DVD’s of the plays ‘Mi Nathuram Godse Boltoy’ and ‘Guntata Hriday Hey’.

Kunal’s TV serial debut was with ‘Disha’, opposite Vikram Gokhale, followed by ‘Char Divas Sasuche’, ‘Saavdhaan Shubhmangal’ and ‘Kripasindhu’, where he had a long stint of 100 episodes, playing Cholappa, a disciple of Swami Samarth. Kunal was also seen in a special appearance in ongoing film ‘Mala Sasu Havi’ where he played one of the visiting cousins of Ratnaparakhi brothers. When not busy with shooting, Kunal spends time reading and improvising more on his acting skills. He does get offers for anchoring shows.But, he is selective about them.

Kunal has also made his film debut with ‘Uttarayan’ ,where he had an opportunity to work with versatile artistes like Shivaji Satam and Neena kulkarni. Then he also performed in ‘Bharat Aala Parat’. Having performed on stage and television, Kunal is certainly looking forward to perform in Marathi films, which are coming up with a variety of scripts now days. But, will the Marathi film producers find a suitable role for this talented actor ? It remains to be seen.

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