“I am very excited to know viewers reaction on my performance”- Prajakta Mali

Actress Prajakta Mali Picture

Actress Prajakta Mali

After playing a sober character in her previous serial ‘Julun Yeti Reshimgathi‘ , Prajakta Mali has now returned with her new serial ‘Naktichya Lagnala Yaicha Ha‘ in which she plays the central title role and the story of this serial revolves around her character.

While speaking about her role in this serial, Prajakta Mali says, “This role is totally different from my role in ‘Reshimgathi..’. It’s of different genre. Moreover, the difference is so much that if the previous role is called ‘Kashmir’, this one is ‘Kanyakumari’. And therefore, I am very excited to know the reactions of home viewers. Highlight of ‘Naktichya Lagnala Yaicha Ha‘ serial is that every week a celebrity will visit my place to see me and that’s a big surprise for the viewers“.

Speaking about the offers received by her, Prajakta Mali says, “Till now, I have only received offers to perform in family dramas. And, if I have to talk about this role, I would say that anybody would have accepted this role, as the concept is so good“. Prajakta Mali loves to perform in films. She has done two films recently, but the names of these films haven’t been announced yet. But, one of them directed by Prakash Kunte and Sachin Darekar will be released this year. Having performed on stage and television, Let’s hope that she too succeeds in films like Mukta Barve.

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