“I was very keen on doing a film on the subject of river” – Sandeep Sawant

Director Sandeep Sawant

Director Sandeep Sawant with his wife Neeraja during the making of ‘Nadi Vahate’

Some film makers are so passionate about a particular subject that it does not matter for them, how long it takes to make a film on this subject. Sandeep Sawant who made his debut as a producer and director through his Marathi film ‘Shwaas‘ not only won the National Award for the best film, but found his film’s entry from India for the prestigious Oscars. This happened exactly after 50 years for Marathi cinema, as earlier Marathi film ‘Shyamchi Aai‘ had earned this honour. ‘Shwaas’ was ranked 6th in the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film category. And, this was certainly a big achievement for Marathi films and maker of this film Sandeep Sawant.

Now, after 13 years Sandeep is returning with his 2nd film ‘Nadi Vahate‘ , which is all set to release on 22nd September 2017. Sandeep Sawant  has really worked hard in making this film on this most relevant social subject. Marathi Movie World spoke to this talented film maker, to know more about his work.

Q: ‘Shwaas‘ was released in 2004 . So, it has taken almost 13 years for you to release your next film ‘Nadi Vahate‘ . Why it has taken so long ?
A: Though ‘Shwaas‘ was released in 2004, I remained busy with this film till 2006, because of film’s participation at different places and post release formalities. It was after that I focused on my favourite subject of ‘River’ and then began the work on extensive research, script on this subject, screenplay etc. to give this subject a perfect cinematic look. Then, it was the question of raising finance, as there are very few producers who come forward to make a film on such subjects. Finally, when myself and my wife Neeraja were ready with our budget, we actually began the work on this film.

Q.: Your wife Neeraja is also art director and costume designer of this film. So, her involvement in this film was from the very beginning. Isn’t it?
A: Yes, Neeraja’s actual involvement into the film started from the beginning, with research and other work.

Q: You have many new artistes in your film. How was their selection done?
A: All these artistes may be new to Marathi film audience, but they are very good artistes. We selected them, after holding several workshops at different places. Priority was given to those, who could speak with that particular accent required in the film. And, they have proved themselves worth.

Q: You completed ‘Shwaas‘ with total 30 shooting days. Did it take the same time for ‘Nadi Vahate‘ ?
A: It’s not the question of number of shooting days. The time period between the shooting schedule gets stretched over a period of time, according to different locations and other requirements. For ‘Nadi Vahate‘ it took me 11 months, as I had to capture different seasons to meet the requirement of my script.

Q: What is the major change you observed in last thirteen years, after you changed the tradition with your path breaking film ‘Shwaas‘ ?
A: Certainly, the quality of films has improved. Now, you find many new subjects attempted by new directors. But, there are very few producers coming forward to release such films on different sensible subjects.

Q: Now that your film is complete with distribution network, what is your strategy to promote this film?
A: We are visiting different places in various districts and holding sessions with shows and talking to people over there, about this film and importance of this subject. Then, there is continuous promotion on social networking sites like facebook and others. And, we are getting good response.

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