“If I were not an actor, I would have been a cricketer or a footballer.” – Sanjay Narvekar

Today, Sanjay has to his credit more than 25 Hindi films in different roles, a sizable number of Marathi films with lead and variety of roles and above all few hit plays through which he has entertained one and all non stop. His latest play ‘Bajirao Mast Me’ is creating waves all over Maharashtra and reaching popularity heights. MMW met Sanjay Narvekar after his performance in one of the shows at Prabodhankar Thackeray Auditorium and the evergreen actor spoke freely about his career in the open, in spite of interruptions from well wishers and audience, who wanted to greet him for his outstanding performance.

Sanjay NarvekarQ: If Sanjay Narvekar were not an actor, what he would have become ?
A: I would have become a Cricketer or a Footballer as I was good at these games.

Q: How did you land into acting ?
A: It was all by chance, as one may call it. I was made to stand in place of other actor who backed out at the eleventh hour,while I was in college and that first appearance itself educated me about acting.

Q: Your actual journey as an actor began with ‘All the Best’ Isn’t it ?
A: It had begun much before that with two plays I performed for an Amateur group. All The
Best  just turned out to be a beginning of my professional career.

Q: You were more popular in Hindi films, having acted in so many of them with variety of roles. Did you engage a PRO ?
A: No, not at all. By engaging a PRO, I would not have got so many films. I always believed in my own self, once I got my first break. In Hindi, I just managed my dates well. That’s how, I could maintain good relations.

Q: Are you doing any Hindi films now ?
A: No, not at the moment. At present I am more focused on this play and few other marathi films, including my own production.

Q: Tell us something about these forthcoming films .
A: There are few comedy films like ‘Be Duni Sade Char’, ‘Kama Purta Vima’ and so on which are comedy . ‘Lonavla Bypass’ is a thriller and now released at few places in Maharashtra, excluding Mumbai. My own film ‘Are Baap Re’ is 45% complete and the shooting is going on. This film is directed by my friend Samir with a new girl Pooja Sawant playing female lead opposite me. There are many popular faces in this film.

Q: Whom do you admire the most in this profession?
A: I cannot name any single person, as there are many seniors who inspired me.

Q: Being a dedicated stage actor, what do you have to say about the record created by ‘Vastraharan’ with 5000th show scheduled on 21st November 2009?
A: It’s a great moment for the makers and all of us. We will only miss its mentor Macchindra Kambli. I am happy to be part of the celebration on that day, as I am playing the role of Arjun in this celebrity show, which will also have many other popular stars as guest artistes.

Q: As an actor, what do you expect from the people ?
A: I don’t expect anything from people, whether they are my audience or well wishers. In fact, it is my duty to offer something to them in the form of good entertainment. It is they, who are expecting something from me. If you shower love on them, they will reciprocate. But, never keep expectations. We actors survive only on their support. It is my belief that it is because of them we are here in this profession.

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