“Mental stability and stamina, very important during long shoots” – Swarda Thigale

Swarada Thigale, Actress

She is a fresh face to Marathi TV viewers. This smart and talented Pune collegian has made her confident looking acting debut through E TV’s ongoing Marathi serial ‘Majhe Mann Tujhe Jhale’. In the character of Shubhra, a college going girl, Swarda Thigale has very cleverly displayed her different moods. Be it in the company of the young Professor, in the group of her friends in college, trying to justify her point to her strict mother or spending happy time with her understanding Grandmother; she has been able to express her emotions very naturally.

Swarda has found a suitable role in this debut serial, as she plays the girl of her age. It was not very difficult for her to get selected for this role, as this second year BA student of Fergusson College, Pune had earlier completed a 4 month acting workshop in Mumbai. While she was studying in 9th standard, as a student of Sinhgad Spring Dale School, Pune, she had also done a 15 day Modelling Workshop, which had helped her to get Modelling assignments too. Swarda has done an ad for Sprite and one more for a food product. So, when she gave audition for ‘Majhe Mann Tujhe Jhale’, her selection for this lead role became an obvious choice.

Swarada ThigaleMarathi Movie World spoke to Swarda on the first day of Diwali, early in the morning. It was very difficult to catch up with her, as three days prior to that she was shooting in double shifts, to adjust her shooting schedule for forthcoming two days holidays for Diwali. Excerpts from an interview:

Q: Tell us something about your family and academic background, as you are new to this Marathi entertainment industry.
A: I am from Pune and currently doing my second year Arts from Fergusson College. My father is a Lecturer in college and mother is a beautician. My Grandfather is a poet and has penned an artistic presentation on me, i.e. ‘Swarda Bhakti Sangeet’. I decided to make a career in acting, when I was studying in 9th standard in Sinhagad Spring Dale School, Pune. At that time, I did a 15 days Modelling workshop to equip myself in this competitive field.

Q: You said, you are studying Arts. Which is your subject of specialisation?
A: I am doing specialisation in Hindi.

Q: Why have you chosen Hindi as main subject? Any specific reason ?
A: Knowledge of Hindi is very important to non Hindi speaking people. After all, it is our national language. I see people from abroad learning Hindi. I am an Indian. So, for me, Knowledge of good Hindi, is a must. Moreover, I wanted to be proficient with this language, as I would want to work in Hindi serials and films, in near future.

Q: In ‘Majhe Mann Tujhe Jhale’ you are playing a college girl Shubhra kulkarni, whose mother convinces her to marry a boy of her choice. In real life, if you are in a same situation, how would you react?
A: Perhaps, I would do the same, to make her happy. I am very much attached to my mother. It is like ‘Tujha Majha Zamena’, ‘Tujhyavina Gamena’ ( Even if we don’t agree on certain points, we love each other’s company). All mothers are like that. They are very attached to their daughters and always think good about their future.

Q: Do you also have same type of Grandmother, as seen in your serial.
A: Yes, I have a caring grandmother. And, she is very forward thinking. No problems with her too.

Q: What are your other hobbies? Are you into sports?
A: I am good in swimming. I have participated at state and national level swimming competitions.

Q: How does your involvement in sport, helps you in your acting career?
A: Basically, it helps in building stamina and also gives mental stability. When I am required to shoot 14 hours continuously, it is my sports background, that helps me a lot, to withstand the pressure.

Q: So, with this work output, we hope to see you in Hindi serials and films, by next year. All the best.
A: Hope so. Thank you very much.

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