All eyes on Virajas Kulkarni in his debut film ‘Hostel Days’

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Actor Virajas Kulkarni

Marathi film ‘Hostel Days‘ is getting ready for release soon and all eyes on Virajas Kulkarni, as he has special recognition as son of renowned Marathi & Hindi film & television actress Mrunal Kulkarni. And, we personally feel that he is not just another actor in Marathi films. He is making his debut in Marathi films, at the most appropriate time, when Marathi cinema has received appreciation worldwide for offering sensible subjects.

A graduate from Fergusson College, Pune, Virajas did his schooling from Pune’s renowned S.P.M. High School. Acting has been there in his blood but he groomed himself in this field in the company of right people in the city of Pune, the cultural hub of Maharashtra. He has already written and directed multiple plays, out of which the critically acclaimed English play ‘Anathema‘ and Hindi play ‘Bhanvar‘ are presently running successfully in Pune and Mumbai. Virajas Kulkarni has also bagged many prizes at Festivals like Aahan 2011, Springfest2011( IIT Kharagpur), banshee 2011, Detour 2011, Kshitij 2012 etc. besides winning awards in writing and direction in Raja Paranjape Karandak 2016. Above all , he is a voracious reader like his mother and also performed as an amateur magician throughout the world, wherever he visited.

MarathiMovieWorld spoke to Virajas to know more about his acting debut in films and his background in the theatre field.

MMW: When you actually got attracted towards acting field?
VK: Right from my school days, while I was studying in 1st standard, I was associated with stage and performing in plays. And, when I developed more interest , I started performing with the children who were passionate about acting.

MMW: We understand that you have your own theatre group with the name ‘Theatron Entertainment’. Tell us something about it.
VK: When I developed more interest into this field, I along with my friends thought of offering our own plays with our choice of subjects. And that’s how ‘Theatron Entertainment‘ was launched to present our ideas. And, we are doing well.

MMW: So, you feel that the right environment of Pune helped you to develop yourself in this field ?
VK: Yes, that’s right. I would say that I was with the right people in the best environment. Pune is such a lovely place for theatre artistes and script writers. But, I further studied in screen writing and also graduated from Whistling Woods International to brush up my knowledge further.

MMW: How did you get into this film ‘Hostel Days‘ and that too in the lead role?
VK: It so happened that I met director Ajay Naik at an event and he asked me whether I was interested to work in this film. He explained me the role and also the story. I liked the story and also my role and agreed to do this film, which is my debut Marathi film.

MMW: Wishing you all the best for this film.
VK: Thank you very much.

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