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Babu Band Baaja

Movie: Baboo Band Baja
Rating: -
Genre: Drama
Release Year: 2012
Company: Jaigajanan Productions
Producer: Neeta Jadhav
Executive Producer: Chandrashekhar Nannaware
Director: Rajesh Pinjani
Assit. Director: Vikramsen Chavhan, Nitin Amble
Concept & Research: Purushottam Jadhav
Story: Shantanu Ganesh Rode
Screenplay: Shantanu Ganesh Rode
Dialogues: Shantanu Ganesh Rode
Lyrics: Prakash Holkar
Music: Rohit Nagbhide
Singers: Prakash Kamble, Ajuja Zokarkar, Ninad Solapurkar
DOP / Cinematography: Raja Fadtare, Sandeep Varadkar
Assist. Cinematography: Sandeep Varadkar, Ashutosh Apte
Costume: Minal Desai
Make Up: Santosh Gilbile
Art Director: Ajay Pujare
Sound: Rashi Butte
Sound Design: Suresh Raskar
Re-Recording: Sreejesh G. Nair
Editor: Santosh Gothoskar
Cast: Vivek Chabukswar, Usha Naik, Milind Shinde, Mitalee Jagtap-Varadkar, Master Chhya Kadam, Masater Amaan Attar, Sanjay Kulkarni, Vinod Raut, Mukund Wasule, Rajesh Bhosale, Rajesh More, Mahesh Ghag
Synopsis: The traditional ‘bandwalas’ of rural India are an integral part of every ceremony like a child birth or a marriage or a funeral procession. But the tragic thing is that they are thought as untouchable and never get the respect for their art and skills. “Baboo Band Baaja” is a story of a poor ‘bandwalaa’, Jaggu, who has lent his instrument to get some money due to unavoidable circumstances. Now he has to hire his own instruments back and restart his own band party named after his son – Baboo.
Jaggu advices Baboo’s mother , shirmi, wants him to learn and become a shcoolteacher. she decides to help her son again’s all odds.


Baboo Band Baaja is a tug-of-war between fate and hope…
Babbo is the son of a band player living in dreadful poverty. His father has resigned to the idea that his son would have to carry on their family tradition of playing the band at the functions in the village. By contrast, his mother is doing everything possible to get him educated. Though all his music instruments are mortgaged, the father helplessly dreams to restart his band one day – Baboo Band Party.

Unpredictable incidents set in all roil up a spate of questions – Is baboo going continue studying or join his father’s band? is life finally going to change, despite the fact that his mother is striving hard?
Baboo band baaja is a hard-hitting film showing the irrepressible surge to soar in life, pitted against the vicious grip of circumstances.

Publicity Designs: Santosh Hasija
D I : Future Works
VFX Supervisor: Harshal Bhujbal
Line Prodcuer: Kailash Jadhav
Awards: 9th pune international film festival
Sant Tukaram Best Marathi International film Award
Best cinematography award
Zee Gaurav Puraskar
Best costumes

National Awards
Best film of a debut director
Best Actress
Best Child Actor

Maharashtra State Awards
Best Rural FilmSahyadri Cine Awards
Best Film
Best Director

Best Child Actor

BIG Marathi Rising Stars awards
Best Child Actor

3rd Eye Film Festival
Best Marathi Film
Best Director

Official Selection in
International Film Festival of Kerala 2011
Internation Film Festival of India 2011 – Indian Panorama
Yashwant International Film Festival
12th Shangai International Film Festival


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