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Bakula Namdev Ghotale ( बकुळा नामदेव घोटाळे )

Movie: Bakula Namdev Ghotale
Rating: -
Genre: Comedy
Release Year: 2007
Company / Presenter: Shemaroo Films
Producer: Atul Maroo, Ketan Maroo
Executive Producer: Avinash Kharshikar
Co- Producer: Smita Maroo, Mansi Maroo
Director: Kedar Shinde
Assistant Director:
Production Head:

Production Controller:

Story: Kedar Shinde
Screenplay : Kedar Shinde
Dialogues: Macchindra More


Macchindra More
Music: Devdatta Sable
Playback Singers:
Choreography: Narendra Pandit, Dipali Vichare
Cinematography ( DOP ): Anil Khandekar
Art: Arun Rahane
Creative Assistant:
Make Up:
Hair Style:
Background Score: Shivadarshan- Rohan
Music Arranger:
Recording Studio:
Sound Studio:
Sound Recording:
Still Photography:
Publicity Photographer:
Publicity Strategy :
Public Relation Officer:


Cast: Bharat Jadhav, Siddharth Jadhav, Sonali Kulkarni, Vijay Chavan, Kushal Badrike, Ganesh Revdekar, Ghanashyam Ghorpade, Prashant Gore, Rajan Deshmukh, Varsha Kambli, Uma Rane, Gitanjali Kambli, Archana Gaekwad, Bhakti Jadhav, Bimega Khamkar, Jayraj Nair, Sandip Sarode, Manoj Takne, Machchindra More & Resham Tipnis in a guest appearance.
Synopsis: Bhakaspur is the name of a remote village in Maharashtra. Burdened under debts from their dubious sarpanch “Ghotale”, the villagers have no time for anything other than slogging and repaying their debts. The schooling of their children or the progress of their village is of no concern to them. The entire village is run by Ghotale, and all the villagers agree and abide to every instruction given by him as all their lands and homes are pawned to Ghotale. The highlight of Ghotale’s character is that as much as his actions seem to be funny, his evil streak has no boundaries.
In the same village, there is a simpleton named “Namdev”, who comes back to his village after getting married to “Bakula”. As per the traditions, he goes straight to Ghotale’s house with his wife to seek his blessings. But one look at his wife and Ghotale is left speechless. He is absolutely bowled over by Bakula and falls head over heels in love with her. Then and there, he decides in his mind to get married to her, by hook or by crook. Inspite of Namdev being an important part of Bakula’s life, Ghotale tries to woo her in his own way. Namdev, in turn, tries to keep her out of Ghotale’s way and in all this confusion, all Bakula wants is to lead a happy married life with her husband.
Ghotale’s wooing, Namdev’s simplicity and Bakula’s tit-for-tat attitude with Ghotale creates such hilarious situations that it guarantees to keep you in splits!
Advisor: Vinod Karani, Hiren Gada, Kalpana Saraiya
Light Equipments:
Special Effects:
Camera Attendance:
Post Production Studio:
Editing Studio:
Jim jeap:
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