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Braveheart- Jidd Jagnyachi ( ब्रेवहार्ट जिद्द जगण्याची )

Braveheart Jidd Jaganyachi Marathi Film Poster
Release Year: 2017 (7 April)
Genres: Drama
Rating:  ★★★ 1/2
Censor: U
Duration: 130 min.
Studio/presenter: Nikhil Films
Producers: Sacchidanand Karkhanis, Santosh Mokashi
Executive  Producer: na
Director: Dasbabu
Writer: Shrikant Bojewar
ScreenPlay: Shrikant Bojewar
Dialogues: Shrikant Bojewar
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Producers: Sacchidanand Karkhanis, Santosh Mokashi
Executive Producer: na
Director: Dasbabu
Assistant Director: Ujwala Gadkari
Writer: Shrikant Bojewar
ScreenPlay: Shrikant Bojewar
Dialogues: Shrikant Bojewar
Lyrics: Shrikant Bojewar
Music: Arnab Chatterjee
Playback Singer:   Sadhana Sargam
Cinematographer (DOP): Vili
Editor: Parag Sawant
Starcast: Sangram Samel, Dhanashree Kadgaonkar, Arun Nalawade, Ila Bhate, Atharv Talvelkar, Sulbha Dehpande, Vijay Chavan, Kishore Pradhan, Abhay Kulkarni, Atul parchure
Art Director: Sanjay Tandel
Costumes: Prajkta Vaidya
Makeup: Sujit Sahu
Sound : Shrikant Kamble
Background Score: Arnab Chatterjee
Choreographer: Shrikant Barve
DI, VFX: na
D.I. Colourist:  na
Promos: na
Music Label: na
Publicity Designs: Ajay Mahadik
P.R.O.: na
Distributor : na

‘Braveheart- Jiddh Jagnyachi’ : The film ‘Braveheart- Jiddh Jagnyachi‘ presents true story of Nikhil Karkhanis, son of producer Sacchidanand Karkhanis. Today, Nikhil is no more. But, he fought a brave battle against a serious spinal ailment, which had paralysed his body. Nikhil’s father played an important role of encouraging his son, to overcome his serious ailment, with the help of his strong will power.


Sangram Samel to make his film debut through ‘Braveheart’
‘Braveheart’ shooting nearing completion


Braveheart Jidd Jaganyachi Marathi Film Poster

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