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Jana Gana Mana

Jana gana mana

Movie: Jana Gana Mana
Rating: –
Genre: Social, Humor
Release Year: 2012
Company: Outreach Motion Picture Pvt. Ltd.
Producer: Golden Dreams Production House,
Sandeep Kadam and Sachin Kadam
Ex-Producer: –
Director: Amit Abhyankar
Assistant Director: Sikander Sayyad, Anand Gokhale
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues: Sameer Joshi
Concept: Mandar Namjoshi
Lyrics: Sandeep Khare
Music: Dr. Saleel Kulkarni
Choreography: Deepali Vichare
Cinematography: Rajesh Khale
Art: Amar More
Creative Assistant:
Make Up: Amod Doshi, Julian D’souza
Costumes: Chandrakant Sonawane, Mangesh Mahadev
Sound: Dinesh Uchil
Editor: Shankh Rajadhyaksh
Cast: Nandu Madhav, Chinmay Sant, Madhura Welankar-Satam, Santosh Juvekar, Asmita Joglekar,
Synopsis: Food, Clothing and Shelter- the three basic needs of Man!
And satisfaction at work- The basic need of an intellectual Man!
Faase Pardhi is one such tribe which has been deprived of the basic Needs – food, clothing and shelter for a long long time and have become so used to it… that they don’t desire much of it either!
The Sarva-Shiksha Abhiyaan of the Government of India strives to impart elementary education to every child of the country with a strong and dedicated task force of Teachers and Teaching Staff who run schools in the remotest of the places.
The ‘Faase Paardhis’ are branded criminals- going to any level for survival!
The Teaching staff, (without a B.Ed degree) earns less than a daily wage laborer even if they are graduates. And yet they travel great distances or stay away from their families to teach students in the schools.
Katu, and his sister Babli, (both kids from a Faase-Pardhi Tribe) accidentally end up in school and become regulars once they get to know that a mid-day meal is served free of charge in the school… (of which, there is no guarantee at home). Most of the kids have the same agenda
Ramchandra Sontakke… a dedicated member of Teaching Staff in one such school is a Romantic- He wants to create a nation of educated kids…. But is entrusted to a school with just a handful of kids who attend solely for the meal… He is desperate to get transferred to a better school where he can also stay with his family!
In his journey to get transferred, he takes the kids along and tries to counter the vicious and corrupt system with his innocent ways and is confronted with the stark realities of life.
But in all this….the bond between the teacher and the kids reaches a summit…

A journey called Jana Gana Mana!

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