Premachi Goshta | Directed by Satish Rajwade | Marathi Movie 2013

Premachi Goshta ('प्रेमाची गोष्ट' )

Movie:  Premachi Goshta
Genre:  Drama
Release Year:  2013
Company / Studio:  Mirah Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, Citrus Check Inns
Producer:   Ihita enterprises
Director:  Satish Rajwade
Assistant Director:  Prathamesh Joshi.
Executive Producer:  Umesh Shinde, Bharat Chaturvedi, Amit Bhanushali
Production Designer:  
Story: Satish Rajwade
Screenplay:  Chinmay Kelkar
Dialogues:  Chinmay Kelkar
Lyrics:  Ashwini Shende
Music:  Avinash, Vishwajeet
Singers:  Swapnil Bandodkar, Hrishikesh Ranade, Vishwajeet Joshi, Bela Shende, Shikha Jain, Kailash Kher, Aashish Sharma (Olya Sanjveli)
Cinematography:  Suhas Gujrathi
Assit. Cinematography:  C.T. Mehta.
Art:  Ajit Dandekar.
Choreographer:  Richard Burton
Creative Assistant:  
Make Up: Santosh Gayke.
Hair Style:  
Costumes: Pallavi Rajwade.
Background Score:   Avinash-Vishwajeet
Music Arrangers:   
Recording Studio:   
Sound Design:  Sandeep Raul.
Sound: Ravi Mehata.
Publicity Photographer:  
Publicity Designs: Sachit Suresh Gurav.
Public Relation Officer:  
Editor:  Rajesh Rao
Cast:  Atul Kulkarni, Surekha Talwalkar, Sagarika Ghatage, Satish Rajwade, Rohini Hattangadi, Mira Velankar and Rani Gunaji (Guest Appearance)
Synopsis:  Life is uncertain isn’t it...? Sonal has decided never ever to get married again…
Ram loves his wife like crazy and would never want to be called a divorcee. He is willing to wait for her forever...
  Sonal hates men and expresses her true feelings about the institution of marriage. She calls it a false institution…
Ram says differences can be solved within four walls…
Sonal says you can either be happy or married there is no such term as happily married…she has decided to be happy.
Ram says life is too long to live alone; you need to hold somebody’s hand to walk in the sunset of life…
Sonal is hurt by past experiences...and Ram is too determined to win his lost love...
Two strangers...Two opinions...
Lab:  Reliance Media Works Limited
Light Equipments:   
Camera Attendance:   
Editing Studio:   

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Premachi Gosht, Poster

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Premachi Goshta
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