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Tu Tithe mi zee

Trust is the foundation on which post marriage life forms a shield. . A crack in this shield can make the marriage crumble. ‘Tu Tithe Mi’, a new serial coming on Zee Marathi, is an attempt to deliver a message that even a smallest seed of mistrust, if not uprooted, can grow into a dangerous weed that can suck the life out of a marriage. ‘Tu Tithe Mi’, is a story of Manjiri and Satyajeet’s marriage and the tests it has to undergo in days to come.

Manjiri is from Pune and has been brought up in Maharashtrian middle class values. She swears by the principles set by her family. Manjiri is a well educated, cheerful, kind hearted girl who is the apple of her father’s eye. Otherwise, a forward thinking girl, she socializes with girls and boys alike in her college. Her father trusts her blindly and she holds this trust in high regards. However it is this trust that is shaken, when her father doubts her of having an affair with a college friend .

Instead of paying much attention to her innocence, the father in a fit of rage, decides to get Manjiri married to Satyajeet. Manjiri consents to the marriage with the hope that one day she will win back her father’s trust. Satyajeet is a self made businessman. Highly practical and ambitious, he believes that no one is worth trusting. He has never encountered the warmth of a woman’s love in his life till he marries Manjiri.

Manjiri enters his life like a welcome breeze and makes him emotionally vulnerable. His emotional vulnerability eventually clashes with his intrinsic nature of doubting people………..he hears things which were not said, sees events that never happened. He starts believing that his wife is either hiding something from him or is blatantly cheating behind his back. Manjiri who is unaware of this growing mistrust continues to believe that her husband dotes on her and she in turn loves him boundlessly. Until one day Satyajeet breaks her illusion. She soon realizes that Satyajeet is doubting her.

Manjiri and Satyajeet’s marriage is then put through the toughest of tests. Manjiri tries her best to resolve the issues to earn her doubting husband’s trust. But, does she succeed? Starring Mrunal Dusanis (‘Mazhiya Priyala Preet Kalena’ fame) as Manjiri, and Chinmay Mandlekar as Satyajeet, ‘Tu Tithe Mi’ begins from 16th April 2012 at 7pm only on Zee Marathi.

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