Adarsh Shinde records Dhamaal song for new Marathi film ‘Oadh’

Adarsh Shinde Singer, Oadh Film

Singer Adarsh Shinde and others

Known for his dhamaal songs, Adarsh Shinde has already made presence felt among music lovers of Marathi films. Coming from a prominent family of musicians, Adarsh Shinde is carrying forward his family legacy with his rising popularity. Recently, he recorded a dhamaal youth song with the wordings ‘Angaat nakhara Dolyat masti…’ for the film ‘Oadh- The Attraction‘ which has variety of music offered by Pravin Kunwar on the lyrics of Kautuk Shirodkar. The song will be picturised in this film during an important scene of a college gathering.

‘Oadh’ film is directed by Dinesh Thakur, for Sonali Entertainment House. G.S. Films Academy Productions will present this film for producer R.S. Towar. After rendering this song Adarsh Shinde thanked the producer, director and music director of this film, for offering him this wonderful song.

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