After ‘Chaurya’ Sameer Asha Patil to direct film ‘Phurrr’

Sameer Asha Patil, Director of 'Phurrr'

Sameer Asha Patil, Director of ‘Phurrr’

Eeffronn Entertainment headed by Mr. Kushal and Mr. Anirudh Singh are entering into Marathi film industry with their film titled ‘Phurrr’, which will be a content driven film by Sameer Asha Patil, after making his debut as a director through previous film ‘Chaurya’. Speaking about their film, producer Kushal said “Entertainment has two geners , one is pure entertainment and other is thought provoking entertainment which makes the audiences to think.”

While contemplating their first venture, they were searching for a director who has his own unique, creative and entertaining style of presentation on screen. Accordingly they met Sameer. During narration it was felt the Story of ‘Phurrr’ is not regular ‘run of the mill’ type. The story is written by Mehul Agaja. Sameer has a good grasp and vision which he proved already. That’s why we thought of debuting into Mararthi feature film with Sameer as his fourth Marathi Film. The film will be on floor soon.

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