Amol Gole’s debut directorial film ‘Nashibvaan’ selected for PIFF

'Nashibvaan' movie director Amol Gole

‘Nashibvaan’ movie director Amol Gole

Renowned cinematographer of Marathi and Hindi films Amol Gole is making his debut as director with his forthcoming Marathi film ‘Nashibvaan’. And the good news for him during this new year is that this film has been selected for screening at the prestigious Pune International Film festival ( PIFF) . Amol himself has made announcement of this news on his social networking page.

It may be recalled that as a cinematographer Amol Gole made his debut as an independent cinematographer with Hindi film ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’ which was directed by Amol Gupte. Thereafter he shot films like Hawaa Hawaai, Elizabeth Ekadashi, Touring Talkies, Investment, Gajar and ‘Ranga Patanga’. Amol has also shot the internationally acclaimed documentary ‘Nero’s Guests’ based on Journalist Palagummi Sainath’s work in Vidarbha on issues related to the agrarian crisis.

Pune Film Festival has been lucky for Amol Gole, as in the past at this film festival he has won awards for best cinematography for the film ‘Elizabeth Akadashi’. Also, the Best International Marathi Film Award was received by film ’Rangaa Patangaa’ which was shot by him as a cinematographer. Therefore, there are big expectations from his film ‘Nashibvaan’ too, where he has used his creativity in the role of director.

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