Another Mega historical play ‘Ajinkya Yodhha’ to be staged soon

Ajinkya Yodha Marathi Play

Ajinkya Yodha Marathi Play

We had seen in the past Marathi play ‘Janata Raja’ based on Shivaji Maharaj staged in a big way. Now, Punjab talkies will present a grand story of Shrimant Peshwe Bajirao Ballal in an equally magnificent way through their historical play ‘Ajinkya Yodhha’. Based on the creative idea of Sanjay H Pande and directed by Varuna Madanlal Rana , the shows of this Mega historical play will be staged in a big way soon. Abhay Sodye will be the executive producer and assistant director of this mega play.

Popular Marathi singers Adarsh Shinde, Nandesh Umap and Vaishali Made have rendered their voices for the songs in this play, with the title song rendered by Adarsh Shinde. Music is composed by Aadi Ramachandra and Vineet Deshpande, while the most important costumes are designed by Poornima Oak. We are all aware of the history of Bajirao Peshwa and his heroic deeds and therefore it will be big treat to watch the live performances of artistes on stage. At the same time, it will be a big challenge before the makers to present this play.

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