Bhau Kadam finds a good role on big screen

Bhau Kadam in Vaajlaach Paahije

After entertaining the home viewers with his comedy on small screen, Bhau kadam did perform cameos in some Marathi films in the recent past. However, he hasn’t found a suitable role on big screen, to tap his real potential. But, now he has found a lead role in director R. Viraj’s next film ‘Vajalach Pahije – Game ki Shinema’. Chinmay Udgirkar and Girija Joshi will play the young lead pair in this film, which also has other well known artistes like Rajesh Bhosale, Sanjay Mohite, Aarti Solanki & others.

‘Vajalach Pahije – Game ki Shinema’ will be an out and out musical comedy, offering full scope to an actor like Bhau kadam. In this film, Bhau plays the character of Bhau Damdar , who wants to be a producer of a film. So, in the film, his struggle has been presented in a humorous way, to entertain the audience. Produced by Aatif Khan, the film is directed by R.Viraj. The film is due for release next month.


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