‘Braveheart’ shooting nearing completion


Dasbabu, who had directed his previous Marathi film ‘Tahan’ few years ago, besides directing TV serials and documentaries, is almost on the verge of completing shooting of his ongoing film ‘Braveheart- Jiddh Jagnyachi’. Produced by Sacchidanand karkhanis and Santosh Mokashi, the film presents true story of Nikhil Karkhanis, son of producer Sacchidanand Karkhanis. Today, Nikhil is no more. But, he fought a brave battle against a serious spinal ailment, which had paralysed his body. Nikhil’s father played an important role of encouraging his son, to overcome his serious ailment, with the help of his strong will power. It is certainly an inspiring tale of a youngster, who was brilliant and tried to impart his knowledge to others, by making his services in the company useful, training others.

Sangram Samel, who is making his debut in films, through this film, is playing this most challenging role, along with popular TV actress Dhanashree Kadgaonkar, who is also making her film debut. Versatile actor Arun Nalawade is playing the role of Nikhil’s encouraging father, while veteran actress Ila Bhate plays the head of HR division of Niklhil’s company , who supports him in his endeavour. Nikhil’s childhood role is played by Atharv Talvelkar a talented child artiste from Dombivali.

Dasbabu , who is busy completing the shooting of this film in next few days, shot some important scenes on Saturday, on child star Atharva, Arun Nalawade, Sulbha Dehpande, Vijay Chavan, Kishore Pradhan, Abhay Kulkarni & Atul parchure, who is the narrator of this film’s story. Shrikant Bojewar, who has won several awards as a writer for the film ‘Ek Hajarachi Note’ has written the screenplay and dialogues of this film, while Music is composed by Arnab Chatterjee. According to the makers, the film will be ready for release sometime in March- April 2016.

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