Cancellation of ‘Laathi’ show helps ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai-2′

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Late Sanjay Surkar’s last directed film ‘Laathi’ had announced its release in about fifty screens in Mumbai and surrounding areas from today, i.e. 11th December 2015. But, the film could not be released today at Plaza Cinema, Dadar, where  the show of this film was scheduled at 3.30 pm. As a result of this, those who had come to see the film at this venue, preferred to watch ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai-2′ for the second time, instead of returning home disappointed. correspondent , who had gone to see this film, noticed this scene at Plaza cinema ticket window.

It may be recalled that the makers of ‘Lathi’ neither had  any press show for the media people, nor did they promote the film, in spite of having many big artistes like Sachin Khedekar &  Subodh Bhave in this film.

Actually, this friday, there were three films to be released simultaneously. Out of which ‘Sangharsha Yatra’ backed out, postponing its release. But, ‘Laathi’ kept on is using daily ads in newspapers, about its release this friday. There was no clear indication, as to why the film’s show was cancelled. While the booking clerk at the ticket window stated that the film will be released on Saturday, the door keeper standing near the window, stated that there was no guarantee of the film’s release, even next day. We had heard about cancellation of a film’s show on the first day, for the reason of non arrival of print or non availability of  audience; but the release of a film on Saturday, instead of Friday,  is  a news to  film industry.

Whatever may be the reason,  but the audience who had gone to see this film at different venues on the first day, must have been surely disappointed, as this was the last film of creative director Late Sanjay Surkar and the new producers had released this film, perhaps to pay tributes to the film maker of sensible Marathi films in the past.  However, at Plaza Cinema, the  makers of ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai-2′  should thank the makers of ‘Lathi’ for the cancellation of their show, on the first day.

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