Director Sandeep Patil is confident that the audience would appreciate his film

Marathi movie 'Dashakriya'

Manoj Joshi, Aditi Deshpande & Sandeep Patil in Marathi movie ‘Dashakriya’

Some film makers are confident about success of their films, much before their official release. Director Sandeep Bhalchandra Patil is one of them. For the past three years he was making the film ‘Dashakriya‘ and his efforts have already paid dividends, before release of this film. ‘Dashakriya‘ has already won three national awards, besides bagging some popular awards. Now, this film is all set for theatre release all over Maharashtra on 17th November 2017.

This is Sandeep Patil‘s debut film, but he is very confident that the audience would surely appreciate this film. Having gained considerable experience working with reputed directors of big and small screen. When Sandeep Patil wanted to make a film, he along with his friend Film PRO Ram Kondilkar launched a production company and went in search of story. He was very much inspired by Baba Bhand’s novel with the same name. Thereafter developing this story for cinematic format he approached Sanjay Krishnaji Patil and finally through him found a producer in Kalpana Vilas Kothari , who was also impressed with the story. According to Sandeep he has presented a sensible subject in an entertaining way.

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