‘Ektaa Kala Gaurav award’ for Uma & Praksah Bhende


Veteran actress Uma and her husband Prakash Bhende, the veteran actor and film maker will receive this year’s ‘Ektaa Kala Gaurav award’. The award function will be held at Sahitya Sangh Mandir, on 12th January 2012. Besides these two artistes other artistes like Anil Gavas, Mayur Vaidya and Anand Shinde. Deepak Parab will be honoured for his contribution to the field of Journalism. Few more awards will also be given to other renowned people from cultural and literary field.

Prior to this award function, the Ektaa Cultural Academy have organized cultural events on 28th and 29th December 2012. President of Ektaa Academy Mr. Prakash Jadhav has appealed to collegians from Mumbai to participate in various competitions to be held on these two days at Sahitya Sangh Mandir.

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