Fakt Marathi Channel is offering a treat of Horror films

Horror, Thriller, Suspense Movies on Television

Horror, Thriller, Suspense Movies on Television

Marathi film industry does not have the tradition of suspense filled horror films. But, there were some suspense filled Marathi horror films which have entertained Marathi audience. Now, Fakt Marathi Channel is offering a treat of such Marathi  horror films to home viewers. During the period 2nd December to 8th December 2017 daily at 9.30 pm these horror films can be enjoyed by the lovers of horror films.

Making this announcement , Fakta Marathi Channel Business head  Shyam Malekar has disclosed the names of these films. They are, ‘The Shadow’, ‘702 Dixits’‘Kalshekar Aahet Ka?’‘Gondya Martay Tangada’ ‘Aabhaas’. He has expressed confidence that these films will be appreciated by the home viewers.

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