First Teaser of ‘Aamhi Doghi’ Released

Marathi Movie Aamhi Doghi

Priya Bapat and Mukta Barve, Marathi Movie ‘Aamhi Doghi

The first teaser of ‘Aamhi Doghi‘ is now persons had an opportunity to witness the same on big screen, during the press show of the film ‘Hostel Days‘. And, it was nice to see two talented actresses playing close friends in this teaser. ‘Aamhi Doghi‘, as the name depicts, is the story of two girls who despite different mindsets and yet inseparable, follow diverse paths with the same goal. The story is about Amala, played by Mukta Barve, and Savitri Sardeshmukh played by Priya Bapat who are all set to meet you on February 16 at theatres near you in Maharashtra.

Aamhi Doghi‘ is a Directional debut by Pratima Joshi- an actress & Costume designer turned director. In the past, she had assisted in direction for films like ‘Bindhast‘,’Dayaraa‘ and ‘Bangarwadi‘. ‘Aamhi Doghi‘ revolves around the story close to the heart of today’s young women in all types of relationships including that of mother-daughter, father-daughter or friends. According to Pratima, the subject of this film is emotively related to every young girl and hence, will help the young audience to think around sensitively. Sanjay Chhabria, Director of Everest Entertainment has shouldered the responsibility of production and presentation of this film.

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