Friday release ‘Nadi Vahate’ and ‘Anaan’ to highlight social issues

 'Anaan' and 'Nadi Vahate' Marathi movie

‘Anaan’ and ‘Nadi Vahate’ Marathi movie

Marathi films are known for highlighting timely social issues. Some of them are able to deliver the social message to the sensible audience. This Friday releases ‘Nadi Vahate‘ dicted by ‘Shwaas‘ fame Sandeep Sawant and ‘Anaan‘ directed by Rajesh Kushte have also handled two such social issues. While ‘Nadi Vahate‘ talks about saving the rivers from encroachments, ‘Anaan‘ highlights the plight of a transgender in our society.

Now, if we look at the subjects of these two films, there is ample scope for the film maker to invite the attention of audience all over the world, as films are generally the right medium to strongly create awareness among people about a particular issue. In the past, some well known film makers in Marathi had very artistically offered films on various social issues. After all, the skill of the director can be judged by conveying the message, without taxing the audience. So, it remains to be seen how effectively these two directors have succeeded in inviting the audience to cinema halls ?

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