‘Fugay’ sets a new trend

Subodh Bhave, Neeta Shetty, Prarthana Behere and Swwapnil Joshi

Subodh Bhave, Neeta Shetty and Prarthana Behere, Swwapnil Joshi

The Press shows of Marathi films are generally held two or three days before the film’s release. If there is no press show, the critics are invited for premiere show of the film a day before the film’s release. However, the latest released Marathi film ‘Fugay‘ has set a new trend. The film’s press show was held on the first day of its release i.e. Friday at 12:00 noon, followed by grand star studded premiere show at 8:00 pm at a different venue.

As a result of this, many critics could not submit their reviews on ‘Fugay‘  film before the deadline. Incidentally, there was another film ‘Dhyanimani‘ releasing along with this film on Friday, which had held its press show on Wednesday. It seems, the makers of ‘Fugay‘ believed more on word of mouth publicity, rather than depending on the reviews by critics. Now, it remains to be seen, whether their strategy works in their favour.

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