Girish Wankhede launches his own film ‘Jhala Anant Hanumant’

Mangesh Desai,Siya Patil,Vetren Actress Shanta Tambe, Producer Girish Wankhade,Director Munnawar Bhagat, Pooja Pawar and Nandu Madhav

Mangesh Desai, Siya Patil, Vetren Actress Shanta Tambe, Producer Girish Wankhade, Director Munnawar Bhagat, Pooja Pawar and Nandu Madhav

Having gained a lot of experience in film distribution, Girish Wankhede has now launched his own Marathi film ‘Jhala Anant Hanumant’ under the banner of Entity One Pictures. The muhurat of this film was held in Kolhapur in presence of renowned personalities connected with Marathi film industry and the unit members of his film. The film presents the story based on Late Vijay Tendulkar’s play ‘Jhala Anant Hanumant’ which hits out at people opposing superstition. So, when this character of ordinary person suddenly attains divine power, what is the reaction of people around, will be presented through this black comedy.

The screenplay of this film has been written by Munavar Bhagat, who will be also directing  ‘Jhala Anant Hanumant’ film. The director had earlier directed a film ‘Nivdung’ for Hridaynath Mangeshkar had received critical acclaims from press, besides good response from the audience. The lead artistes of this film are, Nandu Madhav, Mangesh Desai, Siya Patil, Shanta Tambe, Pooja Pawar & Sonakshi More.

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