‘Gopya’ promises entertainment with a relevant message

Aaditya Paithankar, Madhavi Juvekar & others at  music launch Marathi movie 'Gopya'

Aaditya Paithankar, Madhavi Juvekar & others at music launch Marathi movie ‘Gopya’

Today, Marathi films are focused more on sending across a relevant message, besides offering entertainment. Ganesh Film & Entertainment’s film ‘Gopya‘ also promises the same. Recently, music launch and first look of this forthcoming Marathi film was held in Mumbai, in presence of artistes and technical team of the film. The film ‘Gopya‘ is produced by a team of Amol Bhalerao, Nitin Pagare and Raj Paithankar and co-produced by Sarjerao Mote, Atulraje Gayali , Dhanaji Gaikwad & Subhash Jagadhne and directed by Raj Paithankar, who has also written the story and lyrics of this film.

After introducing the people behind making ‘Gopya‘ film, the big group of artistes comprising of Madhavi Juvekar, Kamlesh Sawant, Manisha Paithankar, Aditya Paithankar, Rajesh Bhosle, Prakash Dhotre, Amir Tadwalkar, Manasi Murudkar and Ajit Jadhav were also introduced. The film also stars Uday Sabnis, Jaywant Wadkar, Ajay Jadhav, Sameer Vijayan. Few songs from this film were also shown to the invitees. Kiran-Raj have composed the songs on the lyrics of Yogesh Sabnis.

The film’s Cinematography is by Aniket K while Art Direction is by Devdatt Raut and Nandu Moharkar. Chetan is the choreographer, Sonu Paithankar has designed the sound for the film while Vishal Kotkar has edited the film.

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