“I feel like I’am the first man on moon” – Swwapnil Joshi.

Swapna joshi-Waghmare, Arjun Singgh, Kartik Nishandar, Swwapnil JoshiHe has been associated with the entertainment industry since his childhood. And now, heartthrob of millions of girls ; the latest superstar of Marathi movies, Swwapnil Joshi, is all set to diversify in his professional life. GSEAMS (Global Sports Entertainment And Media Solutions Pvt Ltd) along with Swwapnil Joshi are offering a new structural format of film and show making. Though this concept is already popular in Hindi entertainment industry and sports industry, Swwapnil Joshi will be the first marathi actor for whom, Youtube will have a dedicated youtube multimedia page as they are aware of Swwapnil’s strong following.

Arjun Singgh Baran and Kartik Nishandar, directors, GSEAMS, who were associated with Reliance Broadcasting Network Ltd. earlier and gained large expertise, were glad to announce collaboration with Swwapnil Joshi. GSEAMS will, endorse Swwapnil, co-produce films, brand alliance, create new contents and shows, with his participation. There will be a high level of investment on brand Swwapnil Joshi. Swapna Joshi Waghmare, a well known producer and director of TV serials, Hindi films, will take the responsibility of strengthening the company’s business with her expertise. Kartik Nishadar opined that association of GSEAMS with Swwapnil will be able to explore new door to marathi cinema, which has huge untapped potential.

‘This structured business alliance for marathi movie business, makes me feel like I’m the first man on the moon.’ Swwapnil was using his oratory skills to perfection’. He further added ‘I promise that I will keep on finding ways to entertain people. Acting, of which I am passionate about, and this venture, hope to be able to balance. And I am damn good at multi-tasking.’

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