‘Jogwa’ cinematographer turns director with ‘Ganvesh’

Mukta Barve, Smita Tambe, Atul Jagdale, Ganvesh‘Jogwa’, a milestone Marathi movie, directed by late Rajiv Patil which won five national film awards including best film, was appreciated by critics and audience equally and was also acclaimed internationally. It dealt with discrimination, sexual oppression, superstition, archaic traditions, hypocrisy, exploitation of oppressed section of our society. The rustic beauty of rural India was beautifully captured through his lenses by cinematographer Atul Jagdale.

Now, Atul Jagdale is getting ready to shoot a film on rural background in the form of a new Marathi movie ‘Ganvesh’. He has locked a script written by Tejas Ghadge. Mr Ghadge has also penned the screenplay and dialogues of the said film.

The story of this film is about a man working at a bricks making factory. His son gets selected to deliver a speech in his school on an Independence Day, 15th August. But, it is on a condition of wearing an Uniform while doing so. To acquire Uniform, what this down trodden family goes through, is the one liner of the film. Apart from cinematography, Mr Jagdale is directing ‘Ganvesh’ and also is producing it under the banner Vijayate Entertainment. The ‘Jogwa’ connection continues. Three principal cast members, Mukta Barve, Kishore Kadam, Smita Tambe, of ‘Jogwa’, will also be part of ‘Ganvesh’. It will be interesting to see, whether this ‘Jogwa’ connection will work this time round.

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