‘Karaar’ promises family film with a social commitment

Arti More, Subodh Bhave, Kranti Redkar, Urmila Kothare Kanetkar
More and more non Marathi producers are making their entry into Marathi film making. And the latest example is film ‘Karaar’. This film is produced by Poonam Silvia and Neelam Silvia, presented by Paresh Dave and directed by ‘Premacha Jholjhal’ fame Manoj Kotian. Three popular stars of Marathi film industry, namely Subodh Bhave, Kranti Redkar and Urmila Kanetkar Kothare are playing lead roles in this film, with newcomer Aarti More.

On Friday evening, the makers of this film released the music of this film, in presence of music directors Vijay Gavande and Paresh Shah. However, the first look and song videos of this film could not be shown, due to some technical problem. Kranti Redkar was the first to arrive, followed by newcomer Aarti More. But, as usual Subodh Bhave arrived almost 75 minutes late beyond scheduled time. Later, the three big stars interacted with media, praising each other. It is for the first time Subodh, Kranti and Urmila are working together, but they have worked in pairs separately. Subodh has recently worked with Kranti in ‘Kiran Kulkarni V/s Kiran Kulkarni‘, Urmila has worked under the direction of Kranti , while Urmila has worked with Subodh in the past.

Subodh Bhave, Karaar Movie

Subodh Bhave, Karaar Movie

Director Manoj Kotian explained how he selected the artistes, after he was impressed with the story written by Sanjay Jagtap. He spoke in fluent Marathi, which was appreciated by all. After, Manoj spoke about his team, it was the turn of artistes. But, none of them spoke about the film’s story and their characters, as they were not allowed to reveal the story. Instead they kept on showering praise on each other, including the director and tried to explain how important was ‘agreement’ among the family members and how important was bonding amongst  family members.

The only clue given by the director was that it will be a family film with a social commitment. This film’s screenplay and dialogues are penned by Hemant Edlabadkar and the film will be released in January 2017.

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