Marathi film ‘Copy’ is being shot in a village to give a realistic look

Copy Marathi Film

Jagannath Nivangune in Marathi movie ‘Copy

Now days, new Marathi film makers are preferring to shoot their films at real locations. And, this is helping to take Marathi cinema to the world level. Forthcoming Marathi film ‘Copy‘ produced by Ganesh Ramchandra Patil and directed by Hemant Dhabade & Dayasagar Wankhede is presently being shot in Kasu village in Pen, which is close to Mumbai but is a typical village. Having completed the first schedule of shooting, the makers are now busy completing the second schedule.

However, the story of this film is set on the backdrop of corrupt practices existing in education system, at such places. According to the makers of this film, the village shown in the film, represents all such schools spread across India at village level. Popular comedian Anshuman Vichare is playing the role of a bearded teacher with high moral standards in this film, for a change. Another character actor  (‘Lakshya‘ Serial fame) Jagannath Nivangune, who has been typecast as a police officer, also gets an opportunity to play the role of a school teacher.

Besides Anshuman Vichare and Jagannath Nivangune, the other co artistes of this film are, Kamlesh Sawant, Milind Shinde, Vipul Salunkhe, Anil Nagarkar, Rahul Belapurkar, Ashutosh Wadkar, Poonam Rane, Saurabh Surtar, Pravin Kapde, Ravi Virkar, Shraddha Sawant and others. Camera by Santeneo Trazio and music by Rohan-Rohan are the other credits of the film.

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