Marathi film ‘Dhingana’ to present four Bollywood Villains

Raza Murad, Avtaar Gill, Shahbaaz khan, Kunika

Raza Murad, Avtaar Gill, Shahbaaz khan, Kunika

Bollywood Villains or Vamps appearing in Marathi films in cameo roles is not new to Marathi films. But, their appearing together in a group is new to Marathi films.  Director Chandrakant Dudhgaonkar has tried this experiment in his forthcoming Marathi film ‘Dhingana’ where we will find four such Villains coming together. They are Avtaar Gill, Raza Murad,Shahbaaz Khan & Kunika. They will all be playing negative characters in ‘Dhingana’ which is all set to release on 8th December 2017.

Selecting these four artistes from Hindi in his Marathi film was the need of the script, feels producer Sameer Sadanand Patil. And hence, when director Chandrakant approached all four of them, they immediately said ‘yes’ to this offer.  Avtaar, Raza Murad, Shahbaaz & Kunika are playing the characters Mohananna, Anjanmama, Raja Bhaiya & Karishma respectively, who run a chit fund company. The film’s story is set on the backdrop of present realistic situation and has a social message. Priyadarshan Jadhav and Prajakta Hanamghar are playing lead roles in this fil. Camera by R.Girdharan and music by Amitraj & Shashank Powar are the other credits.


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