‘Marathon Zindagi’ ready for release

Marathon Zindagi Marathi Movie Movie

‘Marathon Zindagi’ Marathi Movie Poster

If you have to live a good purposeful life, you need to work hard. This applies to all those, who are fit enough to travel and sweat out to earn money. But, what about those unfortunate handicapped people? Forthcoming Marathi film ‘Marathon Zindagi’ presents the story of eleven such friends, who are handicapped, but they work hard, to live a respectable life.

Even otherwise, life of every person is like a Marathon. How, these handicapped people earn for their living, is presented by producer Mahesh Kudle and directors Shakir Shaikh & Inayat Shaikh through this film. The film stars Vikram Gokhale, Sanjay Narvekar, Sushil Bhosale, Seema Kulkarni & others. Story and screenplay of this film is by Shakir Shaikh, while music is provided by Sandeep Yogesh.

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