Mukta Barve grabs all the attention in ongoing TV serial ‘Rudram’

 Mukta Barve actress

Mukta Barve actress

Many a times the selection of a particular artiste for an important role makes a big difference in popularizing a TV serial. And, if that artiste is a popular star, the viewership of the serial certainly goes up. At present, popular actress Mukta Barve is grabbing all the attention in Zee Yuva‘s ongoing suspense filled TV serial ‘Rudram‘. Playing the role of Ragini, a young widow who has lost her family except her mother in a car accident, Mukta perfectly fits into the character of an angry young woman.

But, what is important is that the character penned by the writer Girish Jayant Joshi is tailor made for talented actress like Mukta and she has given full justice to that character in few initial episodes telecast so far, since its beginning three weeks ago. In every scene she appeared, she seemed totally involved into this character of Ragini, who doesn’t think anything else than revenge against all those evil people, behind the murder of her family members. Girish Jayant Joshi who has written the story has also penned the screenplay and dialogues of this serial directed by Bhimrao Mude.

Besides Mukta Barve, there are renowned artistes like Dr.Mohan Agashe, Vandana Gupte, Mitali Jagtap, Sandeep Pathak, Sagar Talashikar and above all Suhas Palshikar in equally important roles. Looking at the instant popularity of ‘Rudram‘ serial, the makers had telecast 3 hours special show, covering all the past happenings on 27th August 2017 and that gave an impression of a suspense filled murder mystery. However, when we watch a particular episode, we find very little happenings in that half an hour long episode, with commercial breaks. Why can’t the makers think of playing one hour long episode? Even otherwise, this serial is limited to 60 episodes and some more actors like Kiran Karmarkar are yet to appear.

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