Music of ‘Shyamche Vadil’ launched


We had heard about Acharya Atre’s sensible marathi film ‘Shyamchi Aai’ written by sane Guruji, which had thrown light on the emotion filled relationship between mother and son. Even otherwise, mothers have always played an important role in their children’s lives. And the role played by father has never been highlighted through films. In 1921, Charlie Chaplin played one such emotion filled relationship of a father, through his film ‘The Kid’.

Now, writer Ajay Pathak who has written a script on the emotion filled relationship between father and son and has also produced this film with a suitable title ‘Shyamche Vadil- Ek Nave Parva’. The film is directed by R. Viraj, who had earlier directed a Marathi film ‘Teeghi’. On Friday afternoon, the music of this film was released in presence of main stars of the film, comprising of Tushar Dalvi, Sulekha Talwalkar and Chinmay Udgirkar; in the office of Universal Music Company, Bandra.

Director Viraj was kind enough to introduce the Writer Producer Mr. Pathak, who said that he always wanted to present a story about the change in lifestyle of a couple, which results in their regular arguments and fights at home. How such troubled relationship between husband and wife has negative impact on the child, is all that he has tried to emphasize. “Whether such children, who have witnessed the strained relationship of their parents over the years, would really be interested in marriage when they mature or would prefer the live in relationship?” questions Mr.Pathak. Actor Tushar Dalvi said that he was very impressed by the script of this film.

“I wouldn’t like to reveal much about the film’s script; but the climax is more interesting with a strong message to the society. We have made this film for all age groups and music plays an important factor in our film,” concluded Mr. Pathak, before introducing his team of Music directors, who are making their debut through this film. The trio comprising of youngsters Soham-Aditya- Nikhil ; from Thane, who used to perform their own musical shows , are offering variety comprising of Rock and classical together in this film. They seem to have worked very hard on the lyrics of Mandar Cholkar.

There are total five songs in the film and one of them ‘Saare Punha Aathave’ has been rendered by popular singer Hariharan, while other four in Rock format has been rendered by Soham Pathak (one of the Music directors) himself. In the film Shyam(Chinmay Udgirkar) , who plays a 22 year old Rock star. While his father’s title role in played by Tushar Dalvi. Sulekha Talwalkar plays his mother in this film. Other artistes of the film are Reema, Vinay Apte, Dr. Mohan Agashe, Vidyadhar Joshi along with guest stars Smita Talwalkar and Shekhar Navare.

“Our film has been shot at 30 different real locations including indoors at different houses and there was no compromise from the writer producer Mr. Pathak, who was very liberal about the budget of this film and it was a pleasure working with the entire team of talented artistes,” said Director Viraj . Actor Tushar Dalvi said that he was very impressed by the script of this film. The film is due for release shortly.

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