Nilesh Muley has really worked hard to present his animation film ‘Prabho Shivaji Raja’

Marathi movie 'Prabho Shivaji Raja'

Nilesh Muley, Marathi movie ‘Prabho Shivaji Raja’

There have been animation films on epics like Ramayan & Mahabharat and also on Lord Hanuman. But now, Director-editor Nilesh Muley is all set to present his animation film on the great warrior of Maharashtra Shiv Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Suitably titled ‘Prabho Shivaji Raja‘ this film is being released at a time when animation technology is being watched by film lovers with lot of enthusiasm. And there cannot be a better character than Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who created a history, with his hard work and commitment for freedom of our country.

The highlight of ‘Prabho Shivaji Raja‘ film is the hard work put in by Nilesh Muley to present this animation film in a realistic way. For this purpose he has used certain real locations during Shivaji’s time and then after taking photos of these places and studying in detail the historical happenings at these places. According to the film maker,  ‘Prabho Shivaji Raja‘ film will not only appeal children, but will also inspire elderly people. This film is a dream come true for this film maker, as he worked for three years to complete this film, with most important editing work.

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