Now, all eyes on Vaibbhav Tatwawdi

Vaibbhav Tatwawdi

If you ask any collegian from Pune or Nagpur, who is their favorite  Marathi star today? The answer will be ‘Vaibhav Tatwawdi’. When we recently saw him at a function, he was surrounded by maximum media persons, waiting to speak to him. Ever since Vaibhav was selected to play the role of Chimaji Appa in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Mega film ‘Bajirao Mastani’ , he has become very popular Marathi celebrity on social networking sites. Vaibhav himself loves to read, what people write  about him. “Reaching out to my audience with Fun, clean and simple cinema! If you like my films, like my page!” is a tag posted by him.

Presently, Vaibhav is at  his home for Ganapati festival and did post his photo with Ganapati Bappa and his mother, as his latest posts, which indicates that he wants to remain in touch with all his admirers and friends. A good way of maintaining good public relations. Vaibhav’s next film will be ‘Mr. & Mrs. Sadachari’, where he will be seen with his ‘Coffee Aani Barach Kahi’ co star Prarthana Behere. But, if you ask his fans, they will tell  you that their eyes are on the release day  of ‘Bajirao Mastani’. For Vaibhav, it is good sign, as he is gaining more and more popularity, with his presence in Hindi films. By the way, he possesses  good personality, to make his presence felt, while on the sets or at functions.

Vaibhav has already made his debut in Hindi, through ‘Hunterr’ and his progress is keenly watched by some Hindi film maker. Those who have seen him perform on the sets of ‘Bajirao Mastani’ were all praise for his looks . Surely, ‘Bajirao Mastani’, will be something special for Vaibhav and his rising number of fans.  But, that doesn’t mean, that they should not support his Marathi film ‘Mr.& Mrs. Sadachari’. Because, Marathi film industry wants this talented actor , to continue with Marathi films too.

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