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For the first time in the promotion of a Marathi film, an Online game has been used. In this fun game, ‘Najuka‘ the 250 kg strong lead character of ‘Agadbam‘ is required to cross the river. Viewers, who wish to play this game, should visit the site and click the Games section. After log in, the viewer can play this fun game to help Najuka cross the river in minimum time with just five chances. Game available on

Ms. Trupti Bhoir, who plays the lead character of Najuka, with full body prosthetic make-up’, felt the need of such a theme to market her film. The game has been designed by the technical experts led my Jitendra More of Marathi Movie World, who are also Online partners of this film.

After you click the ‘Start the game’ button. Use the upside arrow for her jump, to take off. The Jump Meter provided on the left side of the screen will measure her jump. But, before she comes down, using the other arrows- left , right, and down; make her land on one of the rocks scattered around in the river.

In all, you have five chances to help her cross the river. If she lands on the Green floating boats, it will help you as a lifeline; to take you closer to one of the rocks close to the other end. The time you take to make her cross the river, will be recorded in the timer on the top. You can try as many times. But, every time, don’t forget to log in.

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