Political Censorship blocking the progress of Marathi films

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Last week it was ‘Zenda’ the marathi film, which was stalled for projecting a character resembling a Maharashtra Minister. Now, another marathi film ‘Shikshanachya Aaicha Gho’ faces a threat from a Political outfit, for using such a title to the film. It is rather surprising that Political censorship is coming in the way of a film, which has already received censor’s certification and is almost due for release. It looks like that blocking the release of a film and issuing threats has become a new political stunt.

“If the same political outfit is so much against the title of this film, why they were sitting quiet for so long ?” remarked the film maker Mahesh Manjrekar in a TV interview yesterday. And, the stand of the director not to bow down to the pressure seems to be justified. He has even approached the chief minister of Mahrashtra, who has assured him all the help. “If any film which has been passed by the censors, need any kind of police protection at the cinema halls during the release, in anticipation of any threats, the same will be provided,” assured the CM while addressing the media.

Looking at the objection raised towards the film’s title, the director of the film has already made it clear that it was with an intention to express displeasure over the existing educational system which is putting psychological pressure on students from school and parents. He has used the same in the context of referring today’s taxing educational system and not with the intention of abusing Mother. But, as we see it happening these days, the progress of Marathi film and the creativity of the film maker is blocked by our own Marathi people. Instead of watching the film first, there has been unnecessary hue and cry before the release of the film.

Where were these objections when late Dada Kondke made films with double meaning dialogues? Why the same outfit did not object to the dialogues and abuses in the same Konkani language used in popular Marathi play ‘Vastraharan’ which has almost crossed 5000 shows? In fact, this music based drama contains more bad words and abuses, worst than the title of this film and is watched by children along with their parents.

Moreover, this popular play was also watched by all political leaders in Maharashtra during its 5000th show held in Shanmukhanand Hall recently. If the abuses and bad words in the same Konkani language are accepted by our leaders and large number of drama enthusiasts in Maharashtra, why object to these Konkani words ‘Aaicha Gho’?

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