Prasad Oak makes announcement of his film ‘Hirkani’ on Women’s day

Prasad Oak Marathi Movie Hirkani

Marathi movie ‘Hirkani’

Actor- director Prasad Oak is back to direction. Combining with his writer friend Chinmay Mandlekar, he has announced the launch of his film ‘Hirkani’. This film is inspired by the story of brave mother called Hirkani, who had created a history with her adventure filled journey carrying her little child in her arms while coming down from Raigad fort during the dark night. With this film the duo of writer Chinmay and director Prasad will be working together after a long time, since they worked for their last film ‘Kachha Limbu’.

The story of ‘Hirkani’ film  is penned by well Known writer Pratap Gangavane, while the screenplay and dialogues are written by actor-writer Chinmay Mandlekar. Since this film is based on the incident in Maratha history, there is lot of curiosity, as to who will play the title role in this film. But, the makers of this film have decided to keep it a secret at present and the name of the actress is likely to be announced later.

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