Producer Nitin Vaidya returns with ‘Gachchi’

Abhay Mahajan and Priya Bapat

Abhay Mahajan and Priya Bapat, Marathi movie ‘Gachchi

After producing action comedy ‘Ghanta‘ last year, producer Nitin Vaidya has returned with his next film ‘Gachchi‘, which is all set to release on 22nd December 2017. ‘Gachchi‘ which means terrace in English, is one such place that connects every individual, if he or she has to recall the past memories. The film showcases two strangers, who by chance meet on a terrace. And then, the film offers an entertaining tussle between the two, after this accidental encounter.

Recently, the first look of ‘Gachchi‘ film was unveiled, which showed the lead pair Abhay Mahajan and Priya Bapat as the two radically opposite individuals coming together to form an unlikely companionship. Now, it remains to be seen whether director Nachiket Samant will succeed in inviting good audience response, when the film is released in theatres unfolding the film’s complete story. Will this be a good Christmas vacation gift for the college students ?

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