Ramesh Bhatkar is still matchless

Veteran Actor Ramesh Bhatkar

Veteran Actor Ramesh Bhatkar

Having earned name and fame on television during late 80s, Ramesh Bhatkar became an actor in demand during early 90s, with more and more assignments coming from Marathi and Hindi films. He has also played lead role in detective Hindi serial ‘Commander’. But, Ramesh has always found himself comfortable with Marathi films and serials. Now, only difference is that he plays elderly characters. Yet, he invites all the attention with his style of delivering the dialogues.

When met Ramesh recently, we did ask him about his new assignments; and he quickly said that a PRO from Bollywood had approached him with few roles. “For a long time, I haven’t done any Hindi films. Moreover, I don’t exactly know, what will be my role in these films.   And, still the dates are not finalized.   On the other hand,  makers of Marathi films and serials very well know, which character will suit me and accordingly they come with their offers.” said Ramesh.

Ramesh has recently done a commercial for a Jewelers’ brand. “This ad film also came to me from a Bollywood PRO. The makers approached me, stating that the scene I was required to perform was in Marathi and filled with lots of emotions. I agreed. And, when they shot this film, they were highly impressed.” he said.

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