Ramesh Deo – The Evergreen actor of Marathi films

Only few days ago director of hit film ‘Classmates’ Aditya Sarpotdar had displayed his photo with veteran actor Ramesh Deo, on his social networking page. He had mentioned that it was a big honour for him to work with a veteran with young heart. Aditya had also stated that the evergreen actor of Marathi films had acted in his grandfather’s film 50 years ago. And that was a big tribute to the veteran actor, who is turning 89 today ?

Born in Kolhapur, Maharashtra , his ancestral roots are from Jodhpur in Rajasthan. His great grandfather and grandfather were both engineers. They had built the Jodhpur Palace. Later, his ancestors shifted to Kolhapur. His grandfather came down to become the chief engineer to Shahu Maharaj, and his father was his legal advisor. They were called by Chatrapati Shahu Maharaja to build the city of Kolhapur. His father, also became the judge of Kolhapur.

Unlike his Grandfather and father, instead of becoming an Engineer or a legal expert, Ramesh Deo took up acting as his career at a young age. He performed cameo in few Marathi films, before making his proper debut in 50s through Marathi film ‘Andhala Magto Ek Dola’ directed by Raja Paranjape. He started off as villain in Hindi films through Aarti in 1962 . And , thereafter till date, he has been working non stop in the films. In the recent past, we saw him in films like ‘Pipani’, ‘Chandi’ and ‘Jolly LLB( Hindi), playing important roles. Only two weeks ago, we saw him playing a veteran politician in ‘Classmates’. His tow more films are getting ready for release. Isn’t that a big compliment for his being active in his profession ? Marathi Movie world, wishes the Grand Old man with young heart, a very happy birthday.

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