Sachit Patil plays a blogger in ‘One Way Ticket’

Actor Sachit Patil

Actor Sachit Patil

We have been hearing a lot about forthcoming Marathi film ‘One Way Ticket’, ever since it was launched. The trailer of the film is very appealing, clearly indicating that it is an action packed film, shot in Europe. But, not much is known about this so called suspense thriller, except for the character of Sachit Patil, one of the lead artistes in this film. Till now, sachit has played variety of characters in Marathi films.

This time, Sachit is playing a blogger, going with the latest tradition on social networking sites. Speaking about his character, Sachit says that he has never written a blog in real life, but had an opportunity to play a blogger, through this film. “What I have written in my blog, shall remain a big mystery for the audience, till they watch this film.” says Sachit.

Produced by Komal Unavane and directed by Kamal Nathani and Amol Shetge, ‘One Way Ticket’ will open in theatres on 23rd September 2016. The film also stars Amruta Khanvilkar, Shashank Ketkar, Gashmeer Mahajani , Neha Mahajan, Asha Shelar & Roger D’costa.

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