‘Sangharshayatra’ and ‘Saha Gun’ released on Friday 14th

Sangharsha Yatra Marathi Movie

Marathi movie ‘Sangharsha Yatra

If any Marathi film is releasing on a bank holiday, it has certain advantages, as you get the next two days as week end holidays. 14th April is a bank holiday and therefore we find two simultaneous releases in the form of ‘Sangahrshayatra‘ and ‘Saha Gun‘. Both these films have different subjects. While ‘Sangharshayatra‘ is a biopic on late Gopinath Munde, the popular politician; ‘Saha Gun‘ deals with a sensitive subject of high expectations of Parents from their children, while they are in school.

Saha Gun Movie Still

Archit Deodhar and Amruta Subhash, Marathi movie ‘Saha Gun

In ‘Sangharshayatra‘ we find many popular faces from Hindi and Marathi television like Sharad Kelkar, Shruti Marathe, Girish Pardeshi, Dipti Bhagwat are playing important characters with Saharad playing the role of Late Gopinath Munde, while ‘Saha Gun‘ presents ‘Killa‘ fame Archit Deodhar and Amruta Subhash playing the Son and Mother duo for the second time and their characters are the most important characters in this film. Sunil Barve and Atul Todankar are also part of this film. ‘Sangharshayatra‘ is directed by Sakar Raut, while ‘Saha Gun‘ is directed by Kiran Sabaji Gawade.

Now, it remains to be seen which film succeeds in attracting the audience to the cinema halls.

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